Chiropractic philosophy is based on correction of the subluxation complex. The subluxation complex is caused when a bone in the spine is slightly out of place causing inflammation which causes pressure on the spinal nerve that exit the spinal column. This pressure causes dysfunction of the nervous system wherever those nerves go. This will cause a dis-ease of the body and its systems. If the subluxation is left long enough this can lead to disease.

Chiropractors are trained in detecting these subluxations and use the chiropractic adjustment to correct them. When you align these subluxations, the body goes back into homeostasis. Chiropractors essentially believe that there is really on one true dx and that is subluxation. The idea is that if you have no subluxations your body is functioning at 100% and therefore able to fight off pathogens and keep the body in homeostasis.

We see this philosophy hole true every day at SpinalWorks. We encourage everyone to be at least evaluated for subluxations in order to stay healthy and functioning at 100%. That is also why we offer kids free treatment up until the age of 10 with an adult receiving care as well.