SpinalWorks is dedicated to your health! We want to make sure you benefit fully from chiropractic treatment and at an affordable cost. We’ve made several different wellness plans to choose from with your personalized health needs in mind.

We are a corrective care facility, so our goal is to get your spine back to its prime position for lasting long-term benefits. Care for each patient is personalized and based on current mobility/ailments but correcting the body to optimal health typically takes one year of care at different frequencies; the first 6 months being more intensive at 2 times per week for maximum results.

These plans are designed to save you money as well provide you with the number of visits needed for best results. Wellness plans can include the following services dependent on selection:
Chiropractic adjustments, flexion distraction, muscle stimulation, wobble chair, posture pump traction, dynamic traction, pelvic tilts, 2-way traction, decompression cervical/lumbar, and cervical/lumbar phase 1 -3 physical therapies.

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