Video Testimonials

Testimonial from a patient who, after one PRP treatment, saw life changing results and was spared undergoing surgery!








Christy and Darcy

“I was injured in an automobile accident and I had an severe neck and back pain that made it unbearable to breath or sit comfortably. I went online and sent an email over to Dr. Steve one evening and the next morning bright and early I received an email and a call from him saying they could get me in right away. I was so happy that I was able to actually breath again without pain. I have also suffered from headaches and migraine headaches in the past and I an now feeling better at this too. Everyone in the office is always so friendly too! It is just a joy to be able be healthy healing and also see friendly smiles too. I’m really happy I found SpinalWorks! I couldn’t ask for anything better.”
Heather K.

“I threw my back out lifting luggage. Then my second visit here I got up from the table and really threw it out. I could hardly do anything because of the pain. I could hardly stand, I would be way bent over if I did, and I couldn’t lie down or get up. I tried to use a heating pad and pain pills, but I came in here the first day it happened. Dr. Steve worked to loosen it up to move the vertebrae a little. Mostly he did stretching and muscle stimulation and heat for the extreme tightness and soreness. Now I feel very little pain, even though the vertebrae are not in place where they should be, and it’s been a month exactly and I will continue to come until it is. Dr. Steve, Dr. Kristen and the HealthSource Staff are the best I could ask for. They care for you and give you great care. The facilities are very nice and they have many options in helping me heal. I recommend HealthSource to anyone who has neck pain and or back pain.”
Marie Blankenship

“I came to see Dr. Steve at HealthSource Chiropractic for major back pain that was shooting down my left leg causing me to walk crooked. I have a herniated disc after 45 years in construction and abusing my body playing sports. I tried using a lot of pain pills for the pain but they did not help. Dr. Steve put me on the decompression therapy, adjustments and physical therapy and they really did help straighten me out. This is the best I have felt in 30 years, they made me feel like a new man. I recommend Dr. Steve for all your back pain.”
Billy Elias

“Dr. Steve and his outstanding staff have done wonders for me. I have been a believer in Chiropractic care for over 30 years, but never seemed to get any better. When I first came to Dr. Steve, I was in phase 2 degeneration in my neck and my spine looked like an S. Since February of 2008, I have been able to significantly improve the curvature in my neck to almost normal and my low and middle back pain is almost gone! All in all, if I had not found Dr. Steve and followed his exercise and rehabilitation program I would still be in daily pain and could have ended up permanently crippled. When I saw my first set of mid-treatment x-rays and the improvement I have achieved, I screamed “AWESOME” and jumped like a school girl. I am so happy that I found SpinalWorks, Dr. Steve and his staff. They truly are AWESOME!!!”
Terrie S.

“I hurt my back (L4-L5) on Valentine’s Day. I had excruciating pain down my right leg. I had to crawl around to avoid all the pain. After 3 ½ weeks of being treated by the staff at SpinalWorks, I am much better. Today I made brownies, beds, cooked dinner, and pushed the baby in her carriage! I am so Happy to be feeling so Good. The back brace I was fitted with has allowed me to sleep, and awaken without increased morning pain. Until now, I have been taking Phase I Decompression Supplements, who knows what they have done to me! Now it is much better. I hope I can continue to improve, and resume all my previous activities. Thank you All!”
Anita V.

“After receiving a back injury I called another chiropractor who referred me to Dr. Steve. I was hardly able to walk and had just started a new job and really wanted to keep it so I needed to get better fast. I immediately felt better and I went through my program and continue with my monthly adjustments. Dr. Steve is a young Dr. with and old soul, the whole staff really cares about you, I feel like I’m home when I come in. Thank you Dr. Steve and everyone at Spinalworks Chiropractic you saved my job and my health.”
Georgia M. Phoenix, AZ